Speed only kills if you don't have it! Running Blog at FastRunningBlog.Com http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/ Mon, 11 Dec 2017 23:12:20 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Fri, Dec 01, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-12-01-2017.html <p>Easy run on the Foot Locker course with the modifications. &nbsp;7:44 ave.</p> Fri, 01 Dec 2017 07:00:00 Thu, Nov 30, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-30-2017.html <p>Ran an out and back in Pomona with the Chris and the kids in the dark when we got to the hotel. &nbsp;7:27 ave</p> Thu, 30 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Wed, Nov 29, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-29-2017.html <p>Easy run in the gully off Leila&nbsp;and over to Rosecrest and home. &nbsp;7:21 ave</p> Wed, 29 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Sat, Nov 25, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-25-2017.html <p>Same run as Thansgiving, just went a bit faster (7:50, 7:21, 6:44, and 5:53), 6:57 ave.</p> Sat, 25 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Thu, Nov 23, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-23-2017.html <p>Ran out on Leila and Prospero to the trail and then out to Mirabella and home past Ft Herr and back on Rosecrest and Juniper. &nbsp;Tried to do a 10 decrease overall ave. &nbsp;per mile. &nbsp;7:52, 7:30, 7:11, and 6:38. &nbsp;7:18 ave.</p> Thu, 23 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Wed, Nov 22, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-22-2017.html <p>AM- Ran Rosecrest, Emeline, and back from Rosecrest park with the boys. &nbsp;7:33, 7:17, 6:30, and 5:52 progression. &nbsp;6:48 ave and beautiful out.</p> Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Fri, Nov 17, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-17-2017.html <p>Ran the NXR Southwest course with Diana in Casa Grande. &nbsp;Great course, nice evening. &nbsp;8:13 ave</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Fri, 17 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Wed, Nov 15, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-15-2017.html <p>Ran on the grass at Monarch while the kids were running. &nbsp; Last mile was was 6:25.</p> Wed, 15 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Mon, Nov 13, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-13-2017.html <p>Ran to the Mistrees, up once and then out on the shoreline trail a mile and back to the church. &nbsp;Did the last part with the boys. &nbsp;8:21 ave</p> Mon, 13 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Sat, Nov 11, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-11-2017.html <p>Early morning 3 miles before heading to the turkey shoot. &nbsp;Ran a loop on Leila and around and Prospero to Friendship and back on Rosecrest and Juniper. &nbsp;20:42 for the run and a 5:51 last mile.</p> Sat, 11 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Mon, Nov 06, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-06-2017.html <p>Ran around Butterfield Park while the kids were working out. &nbsp;Cool, but nice. &nbsp;6:55 ave and 6:18 last mile</p> Mon, 06 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Sat, Nov 04, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-04-2017.html <p>Ran with my boys after the AF Pre- Foot Locker race. &nbsp;Went on the trail to Lone Peak and back on the Alpine Hwy, 200 East and 700 N. &nbsp;Last miles were 6:36, 6:27, and .5 was 3:03. &nbsp;6:59 ave. &nbsp;Felt good today and some of the boys ran well.</p> Sat, 04 Nov 2017 06:00:00 Wed, Nov 01, 2017 http://monaflash.fastrunningblog.com/blog-11-01-2017.html <p>Ran around Butterfield Park while the kids were doing Speed Work. &nbsp;Last mile was 6:36, &nbsp;7:07 ave for the run.</p> Wed, 01 Nov 2017 06:00:00